Investment Services

Rossi Real Estate is continually seeking out investment opportunities and collecting data on the marketplace. We combine decades of Chicagoland real estate experience and knowledge to provide our clients with real-time, accurate analysis to guide them in making fair and profitable investment decisions.

Rossi focuses on purchasing existing value-add opportunities which maximize upside potential while limiting downside risk. Our personal and hands-on property management style allow us to create value.

Our investment capabilities include:

Investment Analysis

Each investment has its own unique set of potential risks and rewards. Our experienced team is able to assess each opportunity and provide you with a game plan to enable you to make an informed decision on whether you should approach a specific property and if so, how.

Market Research and Analysis – Real Estate Development

With decades of experience in the Chicago real estate landscape we have an intimate understanding of the forces that drive the market. Pairing our quantitative research with our qualitative insight we are able to provide market research and analysis that propel decisions.

Investment-Grade Property Portfolio Management

Investment-grade property, like a good stock, should be expected to increase in market value over time. It should represent an asset that is well-managed and provide value to consumers. We understand the inherent risk investment-grade properties present and are able to manage them and diversify them away to provide our clients with lasting value.

Need more out of your real estate investments? Learn how Rossi Real Estate can help you grow your value today.